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The Faculty of Biotechnology was founded in 1993 as the ninth faculty in Assumption University to produce graduates working in biotechnology field and its related fields. The Faculty has been offering two 4-year bachelor's programs in Agro Biotechnology and Food Biotechnology. Both programs were approved of their academic standard by the Ministry of University Affairs in 1997. Since then the Faculty has produced 4 classes of graduate with the degree of BS in Agro-Industry and in Food technology, to the country.


To provide the nation with highly trained professional who are able to implement the scientific principles to the continuous improvement of the safe, quality and value biotechnological services and products.


The majorities of the Thai people are involved in agriculture and related industries. Knowledge in biotechnology can be directly implied to the utilization of agricultural products to increase the value. Therefore it has a big impact on the living of most Thais. Biotechnology can provide agriculture with a variety of useful agents, from soil innoculents to veterinary products and possibly aqua-cultural and marine cultural products. Biotechnology implementation begins with the supplement of traditional genetic methods for the development of new or improved plant and animal strains for conventional agriculture. It also provides the food industry with bio-process and food ingredients like starter cultures and enzyme, which directly involved in food processing.

In the service industries biotechnology plays a major role in both aqueous and solid waste treatment, waste valorization and water purification.