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เทศกาลไวน์ครั้งที่ 5

The Faculty of Biotechnology traditionally holds the wine-tasting festival at the end of last week of the fermentation course in the first semester of every year.

During this memorable event, there are many kinds of 'home-made' wines and beers made by our students. Many local and international appetizers and cheese are also served in this occasion. However, in the past few years, there was always a big crowd of people at the festival which resulted in insufficient supply of food for the guests; and the space provided seemed to be too small for the events.


Learning from the past experience, in this year's festival which was organized on 22 September 1999, we experimented which providing the tickets for our guests in order to limit the crowd and to ensure that food is sufficient for everybody.

The Fifth Wine Tasting Festival was held at Hall of Fame, C Building. The organizer was pleased to have Rev. Bro. P. Martin Komolmas, AU President, to delivery the Opening Speech and be with us throughout the period of the whole events.

To make the events more meaningful, Archan Pradit Karuwanna presented a brief lecture on "Proper Method of Wine Tasting". Besides the audience enjoyed the evening with music of the 1960's played by a band from Royal Sport Club. Such lovely music has made the event more enjoyable and enhances our famous St. Martin wine to taste better.