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เทศกาลไวน์ครั้งที่ 4

Every year the Faculty of Biotechnology conducts a course on Industrial Fermentation in the first semester.

As an integral part of the course, the Faculty also arranged the Fourth Annual Wine Tasting Festival, which was held on 17 September 1998 at AU Theater. Bro. P. Martin Komolmas, the AU President, delivered the opening speech. There were more than 200 participants, which included administrative officers and academic staff, and students. Special guests who are experts in wine tasting also joined the Festival in tasting many kinds of wine. In addition to the delicious foods from all over the world, the participants could also learn the technique on how to taste wine from the presentation of A. Pradit Karuwanna, an expert in wine tasting. This event was free for all faculty members. Anyone who missed this exciting event can have another chance on 18 Jan. 99 at the Hall of Fame.