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Thesis lists (Year 2013)

No Topic Author Year
1. Substitution of Sulfur Dioxide as Antibrowning Agent in Dried Apple Rings using Selected Plant Extracts Keeping Sensorials Quality Ms. Araya Sreekaew 1/2013
2. Replacement of sulphur dioxide in dried apple rings using selected plant extracts under consideration of sensorial quality parameters Mr. Gunnavat Vongkiatkachorn 2/2013
3. Development of Thai Style Curry Scones Ms. Thirada Danphaiboon 3/2013
4. Determination of exopolysaccharide production from Lactobacillus rhamnosus Mr. Chu-Jen Jin 4/2013
5. An Application of Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium) Drink as Pie Filling Mr. Puvis Jiratakhun 5/2013
6. Development of wild chrysanthemum tea sorbet Ms. Kamolphan Ruengdej 6/2013
7. Product Development of Thai Pork Rind Snack Mr. Ronnapob Limmaphattanakul 7/2013
8. The potential of Zymomonas mobilis biofilm on the fermentation of rice bran hydrolysate Mr. Atit Sangsutthiseree 8/2013
9. Development of Vegetable-rich Kaeng Liang cube Ms. Kitiporn Tongprasong 9/2013
10. Study the effect of mulberry leaf tea and lotus leaf tea on glycation inhibition in model system Ms. Yoo Jin Ahn 10/2013
11. Development of Oyster Crackers Ms. Natthaporn Patcharatrakool 11/2013
12. The Development of Genmaicha Bread Ms. Sriprapa Apichokedonsuk 12/2013
13. The Effectiveness of Vegetable Oil in producing Biodiesel by Esterification Reaction using R. oryzae as a biocatalyst Ms. Vidhi Harin Juthani 13/2013
14. Development of Bread from By-product of Home Vegetable Juice Extraction Ms. Ladarad Suputshorn 14/2013
15. Encapsulation of Orange Flavor in Gel Matrix Ms. Nontawan Boonyapanwanna 15/2013
16. The Treatment of Community Wastewater Using Local Bio-Extract at Laboratory Scale: Case Studies in Wastewater from Food Industries and Shopping Malls Mr. Pei-Fu Chiu 16/2013
17. Effect of organic acid inhibitor on Growth of and Ethanol Production by Zymomonas mobilis Ms. Sukrutai Ninnetr 17/2013
18. The Study of the Biodiversity in Local Bio-Extract and Treatment of Community Wastewater at Laboratory Scale: Wastewater from Restaurants Ms. Supatchayaporn Nitsuwat 18/2013
19. Food Pairing and Harmonic Scale Test on Coconut Milk Fresh Cheese Ms. Areerat Sriraksa 19/2013
20. The Utilization of Coconut Whey for growing Streptococcus thermophilus Ms. Prangtip Nimnoi 20/2013
21. Descriptive Analysis and Product Profilling on Developed Coconut Milk Fresh Cheese Ms. Wutcharee Imcha 21/2013
22. Antibacterial activity of Local Herb Extracts against Escherichia coli ATCC25822, Salmonella sp., Bacillus cereus, and Listeria monocytogenes 10403S Ms. Sasiwan Piya-isarakul 22/2013
23. Natural Antibacterial Activity of Thai Red Curry Paste in Thai Red Curry (Kang Panaeng) model against Salmonella sp. and Listeria monocytogenes Ms. Rattikarn Thapratananun 23/2013
24. Detection of Orcinol-O-methyl transferase enzyme encoding gene in East Asian rose Rosa multiflora Ms. Le Hai Yen 24/2013
25. The study of Non-Alcoholic Beer Ms. Lan Anh Nguyen 25/2013
26. The potential of ethanol production from rice bran by hydrolysate by Zymomonas mobilis strain TISTR 551 biofilm Mr. Tipong Narkmit 26/2013
27. Phase Change Behavior and Co-crystallization of Mixed Edible Oils Ms. Patumtip Ninyamasiri 27/2013
28. Development of Bunofee Samosa for Jasmine Rice Flour Mr. Hussein Mohamed 28/2013
29. The Product Development of Thai Traditional Fermented Sausage With Tom-Yum Flavor Ms. Tongsuk Uttarat 29/2013
30. The residential wastewater treatment using local bio-extract at laboratory Scale: case studies from hotel and condominium Ms. Tongkon Wachirasakun 30/2013
31. Development of Oyster Nam-Phrik Phao (Thai Chili Paste) Ms. Orasa Kanlit 31/2013
32. Development of Chocolate Dipped Dehydrated Mango (Mangifera indica Linn.) Mr. Supad Bumrungsin 32/2013
33. Sensory Profiles of Commercial Lotions in Thailand and the Effect of Product Information on Thai Consumers’ Acceptance Scores Ms. Ailada Munsilp 33/2013
34. Natural Antibacterial Activity of Thai Curry Paste in Thai Red Curry (Kang-Kati) Model on Salmonella sp. and Listeria monocytogenes Ms. Thidarat Udchachon 34/2013
35. The Composition of rice bran and rice straw hydrolysates and their efficiencies in the ethanol productions by Zymomonas mobilis biofilm Ms. Kamonchanok Areerat 35/2013
36. Stabilization and Phase change behavior of coconut milk emulsions containing acacia gum, xanthan gum and guar gum Ms. Gingkaew Pairoh 36/2013
37. Study the Low Fat and High Fiber Frankfurter Sausage by adding with Dietary Fiber Mr. Nan Song 37/2013
38. Physicochemical properties of fresh coconut milk Mr. Xiao Han Wang 38/2013
39. A Study of The Importance of a Cys-His Thioether bond at the CU-A Binding sit to the activation of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) polyphenol oxidase by using site-specific mutation Ms.Atittaya Tandhanskul 39/2013