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Thesis lists (Year 2014)

No Topic Author Year
1. Product Development of Banana-in-Coconut Milk Ice Cream Ms. Phenphan Jirasuwan 1/2014
2. Quality development of osmotic dehydrated Bilimbi (Averrhoabilimbi Linn.) Ms. Araya Chanthong 2/2014
3. Sensory Characterization and consumer acceptance of instant tom yum soup Ms. Nasara Tuntisripreecha 3/2014
4. Product Development of Ice Cream of Purple Corn Ms. Kunnika Sricharoen 4/2014
5. Microencapsulation of Enzymes by using complex polyers Ms. Truong Thi Mong Thu 5/2014
6. Microencapsulation of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Extract in Alginate-Chitosan and Alginate-Gelatin Complexes by using Extrusion and Emulsion Methods Mr. Pooria Shakouriizeiee 6/2014
7. Microencapsulaion of Litsea cubeba Essential Oil with β-cyclodextrin by using Paste and Co-precipitation Methods Mr. Pooyan Shakouri Elizei 7/2014
8. Development of High Chlorophyll Gaba Rice Beverage Ms. Netranapha Pandey 8/2014
9. Development of Natural vegetable Sanitizer from Thai Local Herbs Mr. Pooriwut Maneechoold 9/2014
10. Effect of Vanillin over the growth and metabolism of Zymomonas mobilis Mr. Natakorn Srisawat 10/2014
11. Product Development of Cashew Nut Butter Ms. Napat Methaprayun 11/2014
12. The Production of Non-alcoholic beer Ms. Nabbala Catherine 12/2014
13. In vitro salt tolerance screening among vegetable crops using physiological and biochemical parameters Mr. Pholavit Chotiphatphaisal 13/2014
14. Product Development of Mus-Sa-Mun Cookies Mr. Poramesh Gowapradit 14/2014
15. Product Development of Frankfurter Sausage with Tomyum Spheres Ms. Pimprapa Sae-Tang 15/2014
16. Product Development of Edible Rice Paper with Tomyum Flavor Ms. Janejira Larplorlai 16/2014
17. Effect of Bedding and Feeding Types on the Vermicompost Production of African Nightcrawler Earthworm (Eudrillus Eugeniae) Cast Mr. Narupon Nitipattrarat 17/2014
18. The Effect of Alternative media for the Rapid Micro-propagation of Haworthia species Mr. Suraphon Buddhaphim 18/2014
19. The usage of Banana (Musa acuminate) for novel food and beverage production

Mr. Nkerbu Rodolphe Nwang