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Bhakchuda Ovartvoraporn

Name-surname: Bhakchuda Ovartvoraporn (42X)

Work: Oxfam GB

Position: Administrative support
“I have learned and experienced a lot of things during my study at School of Biotechnology. Everything that I have learned here could be used to adapt into my work routine. Working in the laboratory has taught me how to think systematically. Currently, I’m working as a secretary for 7 executive members of my organization so I have to manage myself first before I can manage others. Also time management and planning are important. You will need to see through the details of the job, solve any immediate problems, and be there to support colleagues at all time.
My realization of the late King Bhumibol’s hard works struck me when School of Biotechnology took me out on a field trip for Industrial Food Processing I class. The late King Bhumibol resided in Bangkok but he travelled from North to South, around the country, to visit his people all the time. He turned his Chitraladda Palace in Bangkok into the biggest experimentation laboratories with pilot plants of the country. Who would think that the King’s palace would have milking plant, tissue culture lab, goat staple, Biodiesel processing pilot plant or even a rice field? He actually didn’t have to do this but he DID and, in return, he introduced the “New Theory” to his people and it was great one. It works. It REALLY works”
Anything to add to the current students of Biotechnology?
“Right now there might be some subjects that seem to be irrelevant to your study. For example, Engineering Drawing where one might think it’s just a drawing class but, what you get from this course is, it teaches you how to look from different angle or perspective. If you can adapt this concept into your daily life, it would help you to see things differently. Or if you face a problem, how to solve it, make a flow chart in your head. That’s how you think systematically. The skill and knowledge from practicing laboratory work makes you understand how to be tidy, for instance. These are examples that you might think how the experiences you get from here are related to your life. It definitely changed your life.”