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"Winter Abroad Program Orientation for Kookmin University, Korea"

On 21st December, 2016, Faculty of Biotechnology, Assumption University arranged the orientation for Kookmin University students under SGE program study abroad. Faculty of Biotechnology, Assumption University hosted SGE program, for the total of 15 students from Kookmin and 1 Professor (Associate Prof. Dr. Tae Jong Kim) to take Basic Microbial Physiology course at our university. This course was taught by 3 Professors from 3 different Universities; Professor.Dr. Glenn M Young (University of California, Davis), Associate Professor Dr. Tae Jong Kim (Kookmin University) and Assistant Professor Dr. Tatsaporn Todhanakasem (Assumption University) during 17th December, 2016- 30th December, 2016. This program is organized based on the Memorandum of Agreement between the two schools; College of Forest Science, Kookmin University and School of Biotechnology, Assumption University.