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Congratulations to our new Assistant Professors!



We are pleased and proud to announce that two faculty members from Department of Agro-Industry have been successfully promoted in academic year 2019.


WaraleeW001Dr. Waralee Watcharin

has been awarded the title of Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry in recognition of her distinction in the field of Nano Chemistry.

She is currently on faculty member responsible for the program and her outstanding delivery of undergraduate teaching in Chemistry to Biotech students. Dr. Waralee’s research focuses on polymer nanoparticles for drug delivery, biomaterials for functional food and biomedical applications. She has published many papers in this field.





SireeratL001Sireerat Laodheerasiri

has been awarded the title of Assistant Professor in Biotechnology. She joined the Faculty of Biotechnology in 2005. She has over the years gained scientific research knowledge and skills in the area of Biotechnology. In particular she has focused her research on antioxidant activity of natural virgin oils, the sun protection factor (SPF) of natural oil, the formulation and the development of cosmetic emulsion (lotion and cream). Furthermore, the utilization of spent coffee grounds (SCG) to develop the personal healthcare is studied.


Please join us in congratulating Asst. Prof. Dr. Waralee Watcharin and Asst. Prof. Sireerat Laodheerasiri.