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Suchawadee Witrathikowit

Name : Suchawadee Witrathikowit
อ. สุชาวดี วิรัทธิโกวิท
Tel. : +662 300 4553 Ext. 3790
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Office : Lecturer Office, 9th floor Q building, Ramkamhang 24, Bangkok 10240
Research Interest :
  • Environmental concern
  • Waste utilization from farm, agricultural and factory by products and lignocellulosic waste and their applications
  • Waste and wastewater treatment, Bioremediation and management




  • M. Sc. (Technology of Environment Management), Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • B. Sc. (Agro-industry), Faculty of Biotechnology, Assumption University Bangkok, Thailand.


  1. Watcharin, W., & Wiratthikowit, S. (2019). Investigation of biodegradable chitosan nanoparticles incorporated with Gd-DTPA prepared by ionotropic gelation for magnetic resonance imaging. Songklanakarin Journal of Science & Technology, 41(6), 1396-1403.
  2. Watcharin, W., and Wiratthikowit, S. (2019). Potential Application of Biopolymer Chitosan and Cationic/Anionic Polymers in Textile Wastewater Treatment. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. Vol. 526. No. 1, p. 012021. IOP Publishing.
  3. Wiratthikowit, S. and Rattanasudsai, P. (2018). The Utilization of Agricultural Residues for Fat Removal in Artificial Wastewater. Proceeding of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Global Agriculture and Food, Food Innovation for Asian Community Development. Ho Chi minh City, Vietnam. November 2018. Pp 415-421

Presentation (Oral/Poster)

  1. Oral presentation, entitled “Potential Utilization of Biopolymer Chitosan and Cationic/Anionic Polymers for Color Removal in Textile Wastewater”, Advanced Materials for Environmental Protection Workshop, organized by British Council Researcher Links’ co-funded by Thailand Research Fund,  28th-31st  March 2018, Thailand Science Park, Pathum Thani, THAILAND
  2. Oral presentation, entitled "The effect of dry cell Haematococcus pluvialis equivalent to Astaxanthin extracted for color enhancing in goldfish", The 2nd International conference on sustainable Global Agriculture and food: Safeguarding Global Consumers Innovation in Food Science and Technology, 9th -10th August 2016, Semarang  INDONESIA