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Student Project Year 1996 - 2000

No. Students name Advisor Special project
1 Anongnuch Bunyartaphan Dr. Vassili V. Study of the Ethanol Tolerant Mutants of the Wine Strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2 Annop Klakoetphon Dr. Ruud V. Identification and Characterization of Bacteria from Thai Fermented Pork (Nham)
3 Apiradee Sricharoon Dr. Churdchai C. The Production of Coconut Wine
4 Artikamas Sakdadej A. Pornpen P. Mushroom Snack
5 Aumaree Jantaratanavong A. Nootrudee S. Antimicrobial Activity of Some Plants from Labiatae
6 Autchawadee A. Supaporn C. Dr. Siriwat W. The Production of Honey Wine
7 Auttaya Munkongcheansakul
Tawatchai Vibulchan
Dr. Churdchai C. The Study of Process for Clear Banana Juice Extraction
8 Bonita P. Anuntiyo A. Wunwisa K. Formulation of Low-Sugar Pineapple Jam Made with Konjac Flour and Carrageenan
9 Bussarin Kosin
Chugkrapong Puachaikul
A. Viyada K. Study of Optimum Condition for the Production of Lactic Acid Bacteria as Starter Culture in Yogurt Production.
10 Chalearmkwan Saisod A. Viyada K. Screening and Identification of Vegetable Oil Degrading Microorganism
11 Chih-Kai Chang A. Nootrudee S. The Production of Carotenoid-Rich Egg Noodles
12 Chintana Nimmuntavin
Yodphatu Nethin
A. Wunwisa K. The Production of Low Fat Yoghurt by Using a Combination of Skimmed Milk Powder and Defatted Soybean Flour
13 Chuchart Seinglewlue Dr. Churdchai C. The Study of Possibility to Enhance Beer Foam Stability by Adding Gum Arabic
14 Dollaya Khantiwiriyapanich A. Wunwisa K. The Use of Stabilizers in Carrot Juice
15 Duangrat Ruangchai A. Wunwisa K. The Production of Whole Wheat-Mixed Noodle
16 Gewalee Cachanurak A. Wunwisa K. Formulation of Ginger Ale
17 Jariya Wittanon
Suvanna Leelasangsai

A. Nootrudee S. Banana Flour and Its Properties
18 Jaruda Visessonchok
Suchada Leiwcharoen
A. Pornpen P. The Development of Soybean Yoghurt Product
19 Jessada Laicharoenkiat Dr. Churdchai C. The Use of Grape Juice Concentrate for Winemaking
20 Haritchanan Suvachananond Dr. Churdchai C. The Study of Protoplast Fusion Between Leuconostoc oenos (Malolactic Fermentation Bacteria) and Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Industrial Wine Production
21 Vilailuck Matchathikun Dr. Churdchai C. Shelf-life Evaluation of Ready-to-Cook Food in Supermarket
22 Wachareeporn Buasanoh A. Wunwisa K. The Production of Roselle Gum
23 Wanna Siriphattanapinyo A. Wunwisa K. Microbiological Quality Examination of Fast Dish Food Around ABAC by Using Index Microorganicms
24 Wannee Mavimol A. Wunwisa K. The Production of Tamarind Gum
25 Yuthana Yuthanapakorn A. Wunwisa K. The Production of Concentrated Grape Juice by Using Rotary Evaporator
26 Vorapong Suvajasuwan
Kajohn Songsangcharoen
A. Viyada K. The Study of Similar & Difference of Microorganisms in Lookpang Khaomak ofThailand
27 Kamonrut Sittirit A. Pornpen P. Production of Capsicum Oleoresin
28 Kanokwan Techaprapawakul A. Viyada K. The Inhibition ofStaphylococcus aureus by Medicinal Plant Extracts
Meuanjai Ampunsang
29 Kanjanatip Sirikururat Dr. Churdchai C. To Study the Quality of Dried Seafood Products in Various Storage Conditions
30 Kingmanee Kriangkraiphiphat Dr. Churdchai C. Ready to Drink Green Tea with Ginger and Honey Beverage
31 Kittikar Akaraprasertkul A. Nootrudee S. The Production of Fresh Tea Noodle
32 Komol Mekvatana Dr. Churdchai C. Internet Information Resources for Biotechnology Education
33 Koonthaliya Cruthka A. Pornpen P. The Study of Vegetarian Sausage by Using Defatted Soy Flour and Mung Bean Flour
Thunyapom Jonkmeekwamsuk
34 Naiyana Porntrakulsaree A. Wunwisa K.  Effect of Blaching on Crispness of Banana Chips
Laksamee Naressaenee
35 Lalida Hongsirisuk A. Viyada K. The Study of Various Ratios of Coconut Juice to RoselleJuice for the Production of the Nata
36 Maneerat Techavichian A. Pornpen P. The Production of Nham from Chicken Meat
37 Marnote Seangharat Dr. Churdchai C. The Production of Melon Wine
38 Nanthawat Ubsri A. Nootrudee S. The Relationship of Banana Maturity Versus the Extraction of Banana Flour
39 Nattamon Kuankrue A. Nootrudee S. The Effect of Stabilizer on Melt Down of Sherbet.
40 Nantaporn Kulpradit A. Viyada K. Antimicrobial Activity of Onion and Shallot on E.coli and S.aureus
41 Nisanat P. Dr. Churdchai C. The Production of Jackfruit Wine
Thita T.
42 Nitti Maranphal A. Nootrudee S. Study on the Organoleptic Properties of Coleus amboinicus Lour(Neam Husya)
43 Nopparat Ittiphonsiri A. Pornpen P. The Study on the Optimum Condition to Produce NamPrik Kapi Powder.
44 Nuengruetai Trimala Dr. Churdchai C. Low-Cost Nutritive Cookies (LCNC)
Dr. Prathip C.
45 Nuntika Charuenrat A. Wunwisa K. Formulation of a Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Juice.
46 Nutsuda Savage A. Suchin S. Fruit Flavored Tea
47 Oranuch Aiemwiwattanakul Dr. Churdchai C. Study of Cloning of Green Fluorescent Gene and Red Fluorescent Gene into Plant Expression Vector
Dr. Liew Oi Wah
48 Pannee Chanokkawinkun Dr. Churdchai C. The Importance of Internet as a Source for Biotechnology Academic Process
49 Parinyaporn Janekarnkit Dr. Prathip C. The Effects of Daminozide (mono-(2,2 dimethyl drazide ) butanedioic) acid on Growth of Marigold (Tagetes erecta., L)
50 Patchara T. A. Wunwisa K. Instant-Dried Fish Curry for Fermented Rice Noodle
51 Patchimar Meesiri A. Wunwisa K. Formulation of Weetened Jackfruit Stubble Fiber Paste
52 Pattama Suvaparpkul A. Viyada K. Study of Peroxidase Enzyme in Duckweed (Lemna minor), Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) and Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)
53 Pear Tippawongse A. Wunwisa K. Clear Guava Syrup for Soda Mixed
54 Penprapa Rodraksa Dr. Churdchai C. Cortex of Mangosteen Wine Production
55 Petcharin Leeraveekiat A. Pornpen P. The Extraction of Pectin Substance from Vegetables
56 Phattarayut Soparusavaporn A. Nootrudee S. Shelf-Life Study of Thai-Muesli
57 Piyavut Wittayakamol A. Nootrudee S. Study on the Use of Brown Rice in Bread
58 Phongpetch Trithavornyurnyong Dr. Churdchai C. Sala beer
59 Pobporn Wichientongkum A. Nootrudee S. Purple Corn Cob (K)P(SC 901)'s Anthocyanin: Some Properties and Its Application
60 Pornpan Into A. Wunwisa K. The Extraction of Non-Purified Insoluble Fiber (NIF) from Yam Bean and Its Application in Salt Stick
61 Poungporn Pongpatcharakorn A. Pornpen P. Dragon Fruit Squash
62 Priyasri Chaijanya Dr. Sutatip B. Effect of Clove Oil in the Reduction of Contamination Rate in Hippeastrum sp. Tissue Culture
Dr. Ngarmnij C.
63 Sangdao Pianpanichporn A. Pornpen P. The Production of Dietary Fiber from Coconut Powder
64 Siriporn Tungsirikunchai A. Nootrudee S. Oil Absorption of Flour Using for Batter and Breading
65 Saranya Suwanvisalkij A. Pradit K.  The Production of Aloe Vera Wine
Thippawan Pongpornchedtha
66 Somrudee Sripanomtanakorm A. Nootrudee S. Study on the Use of Sweet Potato Flour in Cake
67 Stanun Rungsitsathien A. Pornpen P. The Refinery of Fish Oil from Stripped Catfish Waste
68 Suchawadee Wiratthikowit A. Wunwisa K. Edible Film from Taro Flour
69 Sujira Kanjanasaroj A. Kunchit T. LD50 of Cordyline terminalis(L) Kunth
Wattana T.
70 Sunida Chatvirakom A. Nootrudee S. Minimally Processed Refrigerated Asparagus
71 Supatinee Suksom A. Pornpen P. The Study on the Optimum Conditions for Producing Hydrolysed Shrimp Flavour from Shrimp Heads by Protease.
72 Suphawadee Chiramethathorn  A. Pornpen P.  The Development of Sugar-Free and Fat-Free Ice Cream
Yanee Wongsa-nga
73 Suravee Suwannamai A. Wunwisa K. The Production of Taro Flour
74 Sutthiraphorn Limmanee A. Viyada K. The Antimicrobial Effect of Herbal Extraction toSalmonella sp.
75 Tatsaporn Todhanakasem A. Viyada K. The Inhibition ofStaphylococcus aureus by Khaa, Fa Thalaai and Wattle
76 Tanyaporn Chitklaew A. Pornpen P. The Optimum Extraction Condition of Crude Anthocyanin from Mangoesteen Peel
77 Thananya Kongsuwan Dr. Ngarmnij C. In Vitro Propagation Method of Glodda spp.
78 Thepsinee Arsai Dr. Churdchai C. The Improvement of Aloe Vera Wine
79 Thitapa Thammatar A. Wunwisa K. Formulation of Instant-Dried Fish Curry For Fermented Rice Noodle
80 Torkul Kumthakhrua A. Nootrudee S. Mushroom Rice Cracker
81 Trinud Poka A. Viyada K. The Production of Guava Wine
82 Kanchana Leungudomsakul A. Nootrudee S. Study on the Formulation of Thai Rice-Based-Muesli
83 Kajiraporn Uerkanarak A. Nootrudee S. The Study on Utilization of Thai Commercial Flour as Ingredient in Cookies
84 Supavadee Limsukakorn Dr. Churdchai C. Principles of Genetics Lecture Online for Biotechnology Education