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Practical Training Course

For School of Biotechnology, Assumption University

Practical training course is requisite for students who need to complete the degree in Agro-Industry (course code: AI4293) and Food Technology (course code: FT4193). The students, normally the 3rd year students, have to work with at least one assigned factory/organization. This will benefit them to obtain the knowledge and expertise in the real situation. The course requirement, objectives, regulations and course assessment details are as follows;

  1. Course requirement
    Students who need to register in practical training course for the next year have to complete the following prerequisite courses before taking the training;
    1. Prerequisite course for AI4293
      • BS 2011 Introduction to Microbiology
      • AI 3204 Processing of Agricultural Products I
      • AI 4208 Processing of Agricultural Products II
      • AI 3207 Unit Operation for Agro-Industry I
    2. Prerequisite course for FT4193
      • FT 3103 Food Microbiology
      • FT 3106 Industrial Food Processing I
      • FT 4108 Industrial Food Processing II
      • FT 3107 Food Chemistry and Analysis
  2. Course objectives
    1. To understand the type of limitation of the work
    2. To obtain the knowledge and experience from the real situation
    3. To get the advices from the expertise personnel in the working field
    4. To develop problem solving skills in real working situation
  3. Course description
    In order to complete the degree, the students must complete 300 hours for working related to their field study.
  4. Regulations
    1. The student has to conduct practical training at the place where the faculty assigned.
    2. The student has to complete at least 250 – 300 working hours.
    3. The student is not allowed to negotiate directly with the company such as period of working, working hours, leave of absence, working conditions, rules, working payment, etc.
    4. The student is required to accept or act in the accordance with the rules of the company he/she works.
    5. Disciplinary action will be taken against the trainee if ther are any cases of absenteeism, insubordination, tardiness or any acts of mischief reported against him/her.
  5. Assessment
    Level Grade
    Satisfied S
    Unsatisfied U
    Assessment from
    Assessment form 50%
    Report 50%
Course schedule
  • Practical training orientation                                     June, 2011
  • Application filling period                                           July – December 2011
  • Final announcement for training lists                       February 2012
  • Practical training period                                           Mar – May 2012
Final announcement for training list
Place lists (Year 2012)
  • Practical training in Thailand
  • Practical training at abroad