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Student Project Year 2001 - 2003​​​​​​​​

No. Students name Advisor Special project
1 Arisa Chaicharnudomsuk A. Nootrudee S. Production of Paper From Lotus Leaf (Nelumbo spp.)
2 Atchara Seatea A.Pornpen P. The Survey of Borax Adulteration in Foods from Fresh Market and Supermarkets in Bangkok
3 Atipat Weeramaskul Mr Adrian Yo(SingaporePolyTechnique) Genotypicing of Cytonegalovirus strains Isolated in Singapore
4 Bhagawadee Chevapruk 

A. Pornpen P. The Development of Healthy Loard-Chong (Thai Dessert)
5 Bongkod Wariwaranun A.Pornpen P. The Reduced Calories of Thong- Yod
6 Chaisit Lawanapipat A. Nootrudee S. The Antimicrobial Activity of Hairy Basil, Dill, Morinda, Betle Vine, Wild Tamarind and Ya-nang
7 Chatchai Satsitapong Dr.Churdchai C. The Study of Low Cost Modified Medium with Variable formula for Substitution of Yeast Malt Mediums (YM Agar) by UsingSaccharomyces cerevissiae (Yeast)
8 Chinorot Thamajaruk A. Nootrudee S. Chinese Steamed Bun Whole Wheat
9 Chutima Makim A.Ausama S. Sensory Attributes Index of Banana Fig
A. Nootrudee S.
10 Dawadee Srithanaviboonchai A. Nootrudee S. Carotenoid Supplemented Salt Sticks Development of Nutritionally Modified Foods (Snack)
11 Duangamol Suaydoodee A. Nootrudee S. Production Development from Immature Watermelon, Citrullus vulgarisSchard
12 Jarinthorn Sunthronsanoh Dr. Sutatip B. Treated sodium azide with Stevia rebaudiana
13 Jaruwan T. Dr.Churdchai C. Rice Milk Ice Cream
14 Kamoltip Chainam Dr.Churdchai C. The production of Banana Beer
15 Kamonned Kchaputi SingaporePolytechnic Development of Fluorescent Transgenic Petunia and Nicotiana
16 Kanyaratana Manathanya SingaporePolytechnic Genetic Study of The Intergenic Spacers polymorpisms in Burkholderia Species
17 Khanittha Inprasit A.Peechaya J. Cereal Tofu
18 Komol Rateepoon A.Pornpen P. The Developing of Banana Chips
19 Kuljira Tungkichalungporn Dr.Churdchai C. Rapid Reducing Sugar Detecting Method in Wine
20 Laddawan Polsukkun Dr.Churdchai C. Wine Sherbet and Wine Sorbet
21 Monmanat Bunchoo Dr.Churdchai C. The Study of Microorganisms isolated from EM
22 Nafiye Nurcan Aydemir A.Pornpen P. A Study on The Formulation of Low Calorie Tangerine Jam
23 Nakarin Jinapong Dr. Taworn V. The Assessment of Cryopreservation Method: The Testing of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides viability
Dr.Sutatip B.
24 Nipaporn Kobelt A. Nootrudee S. The Improvement of Drying Process for Banana Figs
A. Pornpen P.
25 Nutthapong Thanasittichai A. Nootrudee S. The Study on Antimicrobial Activity of Herbal Liquid Soap
26 Palaporn Sakulkittithumrong Dr. Klanarong S. Cross- Linking of Cassava Starch With Sodium Trimetaphosphate
Dr. Kulruedee S.
27 Pannee Kiriwatthanasak A.Nootrudee S. Production of Paper from Banana Sheathed Stem
28 Patchanee Yasurin Dr.Churdchai C. The Study of Protoplast Fusion betweenOenococcus oeni (Malolactic Fermentation Bacteria) and Saccharomyces cerevisiae(yeast) for Industrial Wine Production
29 Paweena Deepiew A. Nootrudee S. Job's Tears Snack
30 Penporn Saebe A. Pornpen P. The Production of Coating Wax from Banana Leaves
31 Pensri Fungpaisarnpong Dr. Churdchai C. The Production of Krachaidam Beer
32 Prangthip Komolwanich A. Nootrudee S. The Study of Microbial Spoilage in Sweetened Bael Fruit
33 Prapapan Banlusilp A. Nootrudee S. Study on the Ripening Process of Kluai Num Wa
34 Porn-Usa Watcharaprapa A. Tatsaporn T. Optimizing the Expression Levels of a Mammalian Peptide in Bacteria Hosts
35 Radawadee Boonyasettha Dr. Churdchai C. Ethyl Alcohol Production from Rice Straw
36 Raweewan K. A.Nootrudee S. Mixed Fruits and Vegetables Drinking Jelly
37 Shannon Lee Conrad A. Nootrudee S. High protein Soy Based Cookies Fortified WithSpirulina
38 Siripan Thrisorarak A.Nootrudee S. Survey of LotusNymphaeaceae, for Its Compositional Values and Utilization Trends
39 Sitiwat Nantapanichsakul A. Pornpen P. The Production of Imitation Bird's Nest
40 Somsiri Eamratanawong A. Pornpen P. The Development of Banana Sauce
41 Sompit Pandee A.Nootrudee S. The Development of Banana Fruit Leather
42 Supang Chuprasit A.Nootrudee S. Production of Tempeh from Various Legumes
43 Supamard Chooyim Dr.Charoen C. Effects of Maklua (DiospyrosMollis, Griff) on Coconut Toddy Fermentation
44 Sutatip Ovartvoraporn Dr. Churdchai C. The Production of Fig Banana Wine
45 Teerarat Thoumrungroje A. Pornpen P. Study on the Production of Sweet Potato Chip by Varying Three Local Varieties of Sweet Potato in Thailand
A. Nootrudee S.
46 Thanat Phiphatqhokhin Dr.Churdchai C. Wood Apple Wine
47 ThapanunUdompornmongkol A. Nootrudee S. Reduced Calorie Butter Cookies
48 Tharinee Leethaweesup Dr.Churdchai C. The study of Pomegranate Wine Making
49 Tiwaporn Tungchotimakul A. Nootrudee S. The Development of NoniToffee
50 Thosathorn Kruthanawat A. Nootrudee S. Formulation of Sweetened Guava Paste From Unpicked Guava (Psidium Guajaba linn.)
51 Umasom Onsrithong Dr.Klanarong S. Preparation and Properties of Thermoplastic Cassava Starch and Its Blend with Poly (lactic acid)
A. Kulruedee
52 Varakorn Chuecharoen A.Nootrudee S. The Production ofCarbonnated Mango Beverage
53 Varungsan Thanaporn A.Nootrudee S. Production of Bromelain from Pineapple Waste
A. Tatsaporn T.
54 Vijuckana Navarattara SingaporePolytechnic Genetic Study of TheIntergenic Spacers Polymorphisms in Salmonella species
55 Wannapa Kuakool A. Nootrudee S. The Production of Yuak KluaPickle
56 Wanida Tewaruth Dr. Kluruedee S. Effect of Various Salts on Cross-linking of Cassava Starch with STMP
57 Watcharaporn Watahong A. Nootrudee S. The Inhibition of Rhizopusstolonifer by Herbs
58 Wittaya Aoeamnuay A. Nootrudee S. The Development of Garden Pea Milk
59 Yuwadee Songdej A. Nootrudee S. Production of Paper From Orange Sap Segment Fiber(Citrus mobilis)