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What is Biotechnology?

 Biotechnology literally means the application of life sciences to industrial processes. This means that the principles of science learn in the classroom and in the laboratory are used by industry to yield products that can benefit the ultimate consumer and provides a healthy profit to business.

Biotechnology is a new world for processes that have been around for centuries. These processes include brewing, cheese-making, and plant and animal breeding. The recent advent of recombinant DNA techniques has meant that these processes can be made to make better and faster. These aspects of biotechnology will have a great impact on society and its economic structure in the future. These recombinant techniques allow the reshaping of the very essence of life in microorganisms, plant, and animals to improve existing agricultural products or to create new and unique ones.

The majority of the Thai people is involved in agriculture and associated industries. Because biotechnology is closely related to the agricultural sector, it has a big impact on the lives of most Thais. Biotechnology can provide agriculture with a variety of useful agents, from soil innoculents to veterinary products and possibly also aquaculture and mariculture products. It is starting to supplements traditional genetics methods for the development of new or improved plant and animal strains for conventional agriculture to use. It also provides the food industry with ingredients like starter cultures and enzymes and, increasingly, is involved directly in food processing.

In the service industries Biotechnology plays a major role in both aqueous and solid waste treatment, waste valorization and water purification.

Because Assumption University is aware of the importance of biotechnology for the development of Thailand and all of the Southeast Asia it offers the following Bachelor degree course

  1. Agro-Industry
  2. Food Technology