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Thesis lists (Year 2006)

No Topic AuthorAdvisor
1. Study on Quality of Commercial Fruit and Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Juices in Thailand Supermarket Ms. Sivalee Tarkulvichean
2 Development of Aloe Vera Spread Product from Excessive Flesh Ms. Pattana Vachirapoka
3 Effect of Anti-Acne Fel from Aloe vera and Samrong on Staphylicoccus aureus Ms. Kanyapak Sapsanyakorn
4 Microbiological Evaluation of Fresh-Cut Cantaloupe Coated with Edible Antimicrobial Substances Ms. Jaruporn Mabumrung
5 Effect of lead concentrations on germination and development of common vegetables in Thailand Mr. Surat Piemyoo
6 The Effect of Hydrocolloids on Oil Uptake Reduction in Shrimp Chips Ms. Jenjira Sillapee
7 Consumer Acceptance of Yogurt Containing Probiotics Encapsulated in Alginate Beads Coated with Chitosan Ms. Atittatya Tandhanskul
8 Development of Seafood Left over Dried Squid Ms. Sarawan Kanin
9 Optimization of Wheat Flour of Chinese Noodle mixed with Fish Powder Ms. Soontharin Satjawatcharaphong
10 Development of Bread from Wheat Rice composite flour based on Sponge Dough method Ms. Patraporn Saenawatanakul
11 The Study on optimum conditions of hydrocolloid extraction method from Malva nut (Sterculia lychnophora Hance) Ms. Hoang Thanh Van
12 Survival of Probiotics Encapsulated in Chitosan-Coated Alginate Beads in Fruit Juice Mr. Kraileark Kittisuriyanont
13 Isolation of microorganisms degrading biodegradable polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) from soil in Thailand Ms. Neelima Shrestha
14 Development of Coconut Oil Skincare Body Cream with Plub-plung (Crinum Lily) and Ratee (Cestrum Nocturium) Fragrance Ms. Monthida Janphirom
15 The Development of “Ready to eat Thai Style Maki Set” Ms. Pasachon Jitnueang
16 The Possibility of anitimicrobial chitosan to inhibit the growth of Fusarium solant that produce Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in Soybean Ms. Sunisa Thongdee
17 The Effect of Dry Haematococcus pluvialis Equivalent to Astaxanthin Extracted for Color Enhancing in Goldfish Ms. Wipa Niranarthumpong
18 Survival of Lactic acid bacteria From Thai Fermented food in Simulated Gastro-intestinal system Ms. Varanya Rittichai
19 The Study of Microbial Diversity in Aging Wine Produced from BT3015 experiment in Biotech Pilot Plant at Assumption University Ms. Numpetch Wanjaroen
20 The Efficiency of Calcium Residue from Cuttiefish’s Cuttlebone to Reduce Tip-burn Disease of Lattuce in Hydroponics Process Ms. Pattanachat Prabhong
21 Isolation and Selection of Cellulolytic Fungi Used for Digestion of Rice Straw into Tri-, Di-, and Monosaccharides Ms. Krissda Tako
22 Yeast Biomass Production Using the Brine and Chinese Cabbage Waste from the Fermented Chinese Cabbage Factory Mr. Kitikun Jaiyen
23 Study of Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) of Blue Swimming Crab (Potunus pelagicus) Ms. Chonlatron Malison
24 The Study of an Appropriate Bleaching Agent for Samrong Paste to Produce a Samrong Cream as a Cooling Agent Ms. Pasuta Suttipanich
25 The Study of Potential in Inhibiting the Oral Bacterial by Chemical Substances extracted from Different Breeds of Guava Leaves Mr. Teerarin Aumkrue
26 Production of Bird’s Nest Candies Ms. Watchareeya Sriphochai
27 The Study of Types and Concentrations of Hydrocolloid and Synergistic of Coating Seasoning French Fries Product Ms. Nisanart Amornpongraksa
28 Study of the use of Bio-Surfactant in reducing Cypermethrin Residue in Lettuce Ms. Nguyen Dieu Linh
29 The Development of Excessive Ripening Muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.var. reticulates) Fresh as Melon Gummy Jelly Ms. Sudarat Jirapanasom
30 Optimizing the production of Biofertilizer from Carrot waste in order to control microbial activity in final product Mr. Paradorn Pechkler
31 Influence of Species on the Antimicrobial Activity of Probiotics in Minced Chicken Ms. Sabiha Shakil
32 The Study of Antibacterial Compound Production of Monascus purpureus Using Cassava as a Carbon Source Ms. Tharalinee Ua-Arak
33 Development of Fish Tofu from Lizaed Fish (synodontidae) in SME Level Mr. Watjarin Suecharoen
34 Portland Cement Tile Formulation with Narrow-Leaved Cattail Plant (Typha angustifolia L) Ms. Viroonrat Chokchaithanakul