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Thesis lists (Year 2007)

No Topic AuthorAdvisor
1 Probiotication of fruit juice using Lactobacillus casei 01 Mr. Pisetnorak Chea
2 Consumer Acceptance of Fruit Juice Containing Probiotic Beads Ms. Kamolnate Kitsawad
3 The effects of soy milk supplementingwhey protein concentrates on the textural properties of set-typed yogurt Ms. Phy Thwin Khaing
4 Municipal wastewater treatment by using polymer in coagulation process, Case study: Ka-ja, Bangkapi district, Bangkok province, Thailand Ms. Tran Hai Minh Thu
5 The use of natural antioxidants in fried pork balls Ms. Mai Thuy Linh
6 Analysis of Lead Concentration in Local Vegetable Plant Species Exposed to Various Concentrations of Lead Compounds Mr. Thitinan Kitisin
7 Development of Ice cream from Goat milk Mr. Naveen Babu
8 Shelf Life Assessment for Liquid Biofertilizer from Vegetable Waste Mr. Hasarin Ngampimol
9 Production of partially-dried fruits containing probiotic by using vacuum impregnation Ms. Bongkoj Suthanwong
10 Listeria monocytogenes Biofilm Ms. Tatsaporn Todhanakasem
11 Development of Bread using Fruit and Fruit Juice Ms. Thitima Tiyarattanachai
12 Antimicrobial components from Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) and Pomegranate Rinds (Punica Granatum, Linn.) in goat’s milk lotion Ms. Thipchutha Kosrapunyaapoom
13 The effectiveness of Typha angustifolia in municipal wastewater treatment by absorption process Case study: Ka-Ja canal, Bangkapi district, Bangkok province, Thailand Ms. Giao Thi Thuy Dung
14 Microbiological Quality Survey of Drinking Water from Vending Machines Surrounding Assumption University , Hua Mark Campus Ms. Sakunkan Keeratirathawat
15 Production of Natural Colored Instant Fried Noodle Ms. Natharee Sermpong
16 Microbiological Behavior of Some Lactic Acid Bacteria in Rice Milk Mr. Vuong Hong Son
17 Production Development of Snakeskin fish (Pla Salid)-Fish cracker Mr. Thana Sirisoontornsakul
18 Textural Improvement of Spanish Custard during Storage by Using Modified Tapioca Starch Ms. Janyanee Jaroenthon
19 Development of Pla Salid Product Pla Salid Topped Rice Cracker Ms. Kyi Tha Swe
20 Product Development of Ice cream from “Kluai Nam Wah” (Pisang Awak) Ms. Cholthicha Wutthi
21 The Possibility of Antimicrobial Phytochemical Compounds Extracted from Agricultural wastes to Inhibit the Germination of Bacillus subtilis Causing Occupational Asthma Ms. Mayurachat Vitayapathomchai
22 Potential of Spice Extracts for Inhibiting Growth of Listeria monocytogenes (101, 108, 310, V7 and Scott A Strain) Ms. Siriwan Panprivech
23 The effectiveness of Palm Acid Oil in Producing Biodiesel by Esterification Reaction Ms. Vidhi Harin Juthani
24 The Study of Pectinases Enzyme Production of Aspergillus niger Using Pectin as a Carbon Source Ms. Tikumporn Kittisatiennon
25 Thermo-Acid Hydrolysis and Enzyme Hydrolysis of Coconut Husk for Generation o fReducing Sugar for Bioethanol Production Ms. Li Li
26 Potential in Inhibiting the Vibrio parahaemolyticus by the Medicinal Plant Extracts Mr. Thitiwat Suvachananonda
27 Formulation of Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Cake Mr. Monthien Sriyoschati
28 Determination of degreaded Vitamin C in various orange juice products via Redox Titration Ms. Thicha Rohitsatheian
29 The Study of Coffee Liqueur Formulation Mr. Prajya Aura-ek
30 The Study of Sheet Pulp from Coconut (Cocos nucifera) coir Mr. Chanawan Promratanagul
31 The Study of Rice Milk Yogurt Production Ms. Nichapat Kaewkalong