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Thesis lists (Year 2008)

No Topic AuthorAdvisor
1 Development of Bread Based Snack with adding Thai Style Curry Mr. Khajorndet Juengprasertkul
2 Product Development of Japanese Pumplin (Cucurbita moschata) Cake Doughnut Mr. Rawit Jongrungsap
3 Development of Fruit Leather using Japanese pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) and Black plum (Prunus salicina) from The Royal Priject Mr. Buntoon Thaosatien
4 Product Development from Japanese Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) Yrast-Doughnut Ms. Onnalin Sriwichaimool
5 Calcium carbonate industrial wastewater treatment by using aluminum sulfate (18 hydrates) compared with alum in coagulation Process Ms. Rachawan Boonchaiwatanachote
6 Meat Species Identification by Polymerase Chain Reaction Restriction Fragment length Polymorphism of cytochrome b gene Ms. Nuttayada Onsiri
7 Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Kimchi and Studied their Sensory Profiles Ms. Lalita Chuangcham
8 Yellow Tofu from Chickpea Flour (Cicer arietinum) Ms. Sandra Rose
9 Formulation of Kimchi from Chinese Mustard (Juncea L. Czern) Mr. Natthawat Prakitipong
10 Improvement of Bread Containing Fruit Juice Mr. Witthawat Kasayapanant
11 Determination of minimum growth inhibitory concentration (MIC) of food acidulants Mr. Thanakorn Sathiwitayakul
12 The Study of steps in Salmonella typhimurium biofilm development under the static condition and effect of fresh garlic extract on the step of biofilm development Ms. Duangkamol Phositlimpakul
13 Production of Quick-cooked Oiled Rice Mr. Sarawut Phawakkarakun
14 Development Mixed Fruit Juice from Red Dragon Fruit Juice and Pineapple Juice Ms. Phan Khanh Trang
15 Amylose film from commercial flour Ms. Allissa Thamsakon
16 The product Development of Grilled-Pork stick with Chinese herbs (Gou Qi Zi, Yu Zhu , Shan Yao and Dong Quai) Mr. Pavin Peemanee
17 Effect of Flour Isolated Yeast strains on Aged Sala Wine Ms. Sasivimon Seemachaiboworn
18 Efficiency of pesticide (Organophosphate) absorption by coffee grounds residue Ms. Jutarut Techachareonsukchila
19 Identification of Yeast Isolated from Aged Wine Using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Ms. Temsiri Nittayakarnsakun
20 Antimicrobial properties of Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) pods produced in Thailand using different processing methods Ms. Salina Benasir Abusali
21 Effect of Sugar on Microbiological Behavior of Some Lactic Acid Bacteria in Rice Milk Ms. Warunee Piyasakulchaichan
22 The Product Development of The Thai Spicy Head Cheese Mr. Jakkrawal Kongvichien
23 Effect of Garlic Extract on Salmonella typhimurium Biofilm Ms. Ramida Jongsupangkarat
24 The Study on the use of sweet patato flour in the Cake Doughnut Mr. Nguyen Tuan Phong
25 Thermo-Acid Hydrolysis and Enzyme Hydrolysis of Coconut Husk for Generation o fReducing Sugar for Bioethanol Production Ms. Li Li
26 Potential in Inhibiting theVibrio parahaemolyticusby the Medicinal Plant Extracts Mr. Thitiwat Suvachananonda
27 Formulation of Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Cake Mr. Monthien Sriyoschati
28 Determination of degreaded Vitamin C in various orange juice products via Redox Titration Ms. Thicha Rohitsatheian
29 The Study of Coffee Liqueur Formulation Mr. Prajya Aura-ek
30 The Study of Sheet Pulp from Coconut (Cocos nucifera) coir Mr. Chanawan Promratanagul
31 The Study of Rice Milk Yogurt Production Ms. Nichapat Kaewkalong