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Thesis lists (Year 2009)

No Topic AuthorAdvisor
1 The Study of Soy Energy Bar Formulation Ms. Saowapak Pattamapan
2 Micro-propagation of Euphorbia woodii, a medusoid type spurge from South Africa Ms. Pleawthip Varanich
3 The Production of Sheet from Husk of Corn (Zea mays) Mr. Songtham Trongjitkusol
4 Product Development of Red Dragon Fruit Sherbet Ms. Vanessa Titus
5 Optimization of the fermentation medium for the mycelium production from Cordyceps militaris using Response Surface Methodology Mr. Chang Ben Yeh
6 Microbiological Survey of Salmon and Cooked Shimp Sushi from Different Business Sectors in Bangkok Ms. Vu Thuan Nghi
7 The use of Rice Hull in the production of Probiotic for Animal Feed Supplement Mr. Nikapong Puanglamyai
8 The Product Development of Rice Pudding Ms. Pimnuda Tangchua
9 Identification of Polyketide Synthase Genes in Insect Pathogenic Fungi : Their Potential Use as Bio-insecticidal Agents Ms. Nacha Nitistaporn
10 Application of natural canilla pods in butter cake in comparison with synthetic vanilla Ms. Montha Chayasana
11 Osmotic and Cold Tolerance in Listeria monocytogenes Ms. Patchanee Yasurin
12 Product of Lychee (Hong Huay) and plum (Julie) wine making process at Baan Obb T. Maung Kaii A. Mae Tang Chiang Mai Mr. Karn Kittisuntornwat
13 The Comparison of Rice Barn Oil and Palm Acid Oil Used for Biodiesel Production Ms. Thanyaporn Phomsaka Na Sakonnakorn
14 Antimicrobial properties of crude guava leaf extract (Psidium guajava) against food-borne pathogens Ms. Thanyathorn Charoenpornpanich
15 Tri-component Copolymers of Poly (ε-caprolactone)-random-poly (D,L-lactide) –block-poly (ethylene glycon)-block –poly (ε-caprolactone)-random-poly(D,L-lactide) (PLEC) for Biomedical Applications Mr. Krisda Matanan