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Department of Agro-Industry

Bachelor of Science in Agro-Industry

Agro-industry is a multi-disciplinary science that applies chemistry, microbiology, engineering, genetic and economic to increase agricultural productivity and competitiveness, products innovation and design new processes to improve the safety and quality of human life. Agro-industries are crucial for the creating of future energy supply and also provided employment and income opportunities for enhancing the rural off-farm activities such as handling, packaging, processing, transporting, and marketing of food and agricultural commodity. It is thus important to provide agro-industry education in order to produce graduate of this program to be able to formulate sound policies and strategies for fostering agro-industries. The food and agricultural industry is the world’s largest industry which employs many thousands of food and agricultural graduated each year.


The program aims to produce graduates capable of

  1. Understanding the principle of basic science and how they can be applied to the improvement of productivity and competivities of agro-products;
  2. Understanding the diversity of agro-commodity and the value chain of the important commodity.
  3. Understanding the basic knowledge and procedure to create product innovation and design new process to improve safety and quality of human being.
  4. Understanding the present situation of energy crises and the possibility of problem solving by our agro-resources.
  5. Understanding the laws, standards and regulations related to agricultural raw material and agro-products.
  6. Understanding the techniques used for agro-products control and analysis.
  7. Understanding the domestic and international economic related to commodity trading and marketing policy in order to be able to formulate sound policies and strategies to foster the local agro-industries.

Career path

  • Product manager, production supervisor
  • Quality Control (QC, QA supervisor)
  • Research & Development (R&D supervisor)
  • Waste water treatment supervisor
  • Genetic engineering researcher
  • Bio-safety supervisor, auditor
  • Marketing and Management
  • Agricultural product import and export supervisor

Expected salary for graduates students for the first 3 year is about 12,000 – 30,000 Bath/month

1 Department of Agro-Industry : Study Plan (Start 2012, 2nd semester)
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