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Department of Food Technology

Bachelor of Science Program in Food Technology (International Program)

Food industry is one of the world largest industries that employ thousands of food science and technology graduates every year. Most foods on grocery shelves are designed by the food technologists who use the principles of science together with the applied sciences in order to understand how to transform raw commodities into processed food products. Food technology is actually an interdisciplinary science that applies chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and nutrition to develop new food products or to design new processes which are safer and more efficient to produce and improve safety and quality of the foods. The principles in food science help the food technologists to understand how to solve problems related to the production, preservation, processing, distribution, evaluation of the safety, and utilization of the food. Food Technology program offers an integrated sciences in which the students will learn both food science and technology.


The program aims to produce graduates capable of

  1. Describing food components, their characteristics and properties; the changes of food components during processing and storage; and selection of suitable analyzing method to determine those food components;
  2. Understanding the principles underlining food safety and food microbiology; developing quality assurance plan for safety food production and food plant sanitation;
  3. Understanding the principles used in preservation, engineering, processing and packaging of the foods and applying the knowledge in order to develop suitable food production process;
  4. Planning an experiment and analyzing the results to assess physical and sensory qualities of the foods;
  5. Being aware of laws, standards and regulations concerning foods and agricultural products; and
  6. Possessing skills in food chemistry and analysis, food safety and food plant sanitation as well as food processing to control and assure of the quality food 

Career path

  • Product manager, production supervisor
  • Quality Control (QC, QA supervisor)
  • Research & Development supervisor (R&D)
  • Waste water treatment supervisor
  • Food Safety supervisor, auditor
  • Nutritionist
  • Food Marketing and management supervisor
  • Food import and export supervisor

Expected salary for graduates students for the first 3 year is about 12,000 – 30,000 Bath/month

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